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Welcome To The Hamilton Press!

A day after the “red wave” occurred in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am proud to launch my new political blog!

I was proud to be the first Republican to run in the 57th House of Delegates District since 2005. While I did not attain the results I had expected, on Election Day, I am running again for the seat as a Libertarian while advocating for various policy initiatives:

- Term Limits for politicians in local, state and federal level offices.

- A ”Zero Tolerance Body Camera Law” which would mandate police to be fired if they do not wear and turn on their body cameras while issuing a search warrant, a warrantless search or an arrest warrant. I have separately proposed body cameras for correctional officers, so that there is accountability from within our jails and prisons.

- The creation of a criminal justice review board for the purpose of examining the disparities, in the level of punishment, regarding various criminal sentencing laws.

- The expansion of the decriminalization of marijuana in the commonwealth.

- The abolition of all ABC stores in the commonwealth.

I hope you gain some perspective from my posts and feel free to send me your input to:

Thank you for being a supporter!

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