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Not So Fast Senator John McGuire. You Are Prematurely Declaring “Victory” In The 5th District Congressional Race

While I understand the desire to continue to fight, the outcome of this election will not change. The fight is over, and it’s time to move on and to work together as a team.

Senator McGuire fails to acknowledge that Congressman Bob Good is within his rights to file a lawsuit in circuit court demanding a recount of the ballots. Certain provisional ballots can potentially be challenged in that recount, which could affect the outcome of this race.

In addition to the recount, ther are other serious election integrity issues that have been discovered in Lynchburg and other parts of the 5th district. In Lynchburg, there were ballot drop boxes that were open three days after June 18th, and with the absence of cameras and dropbox locations, it is possible that ballots could have been dropped off between the time polls closed and a June 21st.

There is a real possibly of a federal lawsuit, in addition to the recount lawsuit, being filed in July 2024. With that being said, the conclusion of this race is far from over.

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