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Under Governor Glenn Youngkin The Destruction Of Virginian History Has Slowed But Has Not Stopped

We are quickly approaching the one year anniversity of Attorney General Jason Miyares's, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Earle Sear's, and Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin's historic win in the commonwealth of Virginia. Over the year, the course of the state has indeed changed and for the better in many ways. Instead of former Governor Ralph Northam's COVID-19 lockdowns of businesses, now businesses are free to either make masking and COVID-19 vaccines mandatory or optional as they see fit. Instead of universal masking for our children in public schools, masks are now optional. Instead of the promotion of gender fluidity, from previous Democratic governors' offices, we now have an executive order mandating students to use the bathroom according to their biological sex, not their gender identity.

The "purple" state of Virginia has indeed moved further to the right, under its current leadership. However, the efforts to rename public schools, colleges, libraries and other buildings has not abated. In August 2022, the Jack Jouett Middle School had it's name changed to Journey Middle School. In September 2022, Charlottesville Superintendent Matthew Hass announced plans to change the name of the Merriweather Lewis Elementary School in Charlottesville and the University of Richmond changed the name of its law School from T.C. Williams Law School to the University of Richmond Law School. The administrations of George Mason University, the college that I attended for my degree in Administration of Justice, and others in Virginia have also considered name changes to cater to their "woke" student populations.

in the past year, more historical markers have been removed in Virginia. In Charlottesville, off of Emmett Street, a marker dedicated to the gravesite of Revolutionary War veterans was removed. Another marker, dedicated to the Union occupation of the city in March 1865, was so removed earlier this year. Near the removals, a marker was dedicated to the the first Chinese ambassador to the Soviet Union, whom was a University of Virginia alumni. Locally, American history has been removed, while history pertaining to our nation's adversaries has been promoted.

On July 25th, 2022, members of Charlottesville Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up, in force, to counter the efforts of the Jefferson Council and the Virginia Council to protect the legacies of former presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison at a Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board meeting. The Marxist activists compared Thomas Jefferson to German dictator Adolph Hitler and stated that no schools should be named after individuals who didn't want "brown people to be educated". In spite of the Greene and Louisa County Board of Supervisors voting to defund the Jefferson-Madison Regional Libraries, if a name change were to ever occur, this week the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Board held a renaming committee meeting with Jeff Dukes, and other Marxist leaning experts, who stated, "it's not so radical to take down statues".

Recently students at the University of Virginia have demanded that historical markers dedicated to Thomas Jefferson be removed from their college and for the three statues of Thomas Jefferson, that are on campus, to be removed.

Earlier this year, Governor Youngkin stated in an interview that "no more statues are coming down". However, this week Judge Cheek ruled that the General A.P. Hill statue can be removed, from its current location, and donated to the Richmond Black History and Culture Musuem.

There has been an ongoing effort to have the "Reconciliation Monument", which was created by a Jewish veteran of the Battle of New Market, removed from the Arlington National Cemetery.

Governor Ralph Northam may no longer be in office, but the "Cultural Marxists" are still getting their way. More historical markers are getting removed, while others are under the threat of being removed. More schools and colleges are being renamed. And in spite of our current governor stating that no more statues are coming down, well, more statues are coming down in our commonwealth.

We elected our governor to take a stand and to draw a line in the sand. I implore you to compel the governor to take action, by to contacting him via email:

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J R Joseph Ferguson
J R Joseph Ferguson
03 thg 11, 2022

Someone please edit this article?


28 thg 10, 2022

The black racist power struggle to rewrite history and America's Maoist Cultural Revolution will only stop when folks are willing to roll out of their easy chairs, put down their suds, turn off their big screens, and put shoe leather to asphalt. It is the impotent who are always eaten alive by tyrants. Those who are blind to revolutions happening before their own eyes and do nothing - They are always the first to be consumed in the fires of radical cultural genocide!

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