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Two Louisa, Virginia Candidates Walk Out Of A Candidate Forum To Protest The Questions Being Asked

As the moderator for the Louisa County, VA Candidate Forum, which was sponsored by the Virginia Council, I had open invitations for the Louisa Town Council, Mineral Town Council and Louisa County Town Council candidates. While I had multiple questions regarding public schools and Governor Glenn Youngkin’s recent executive order, none of the candidates for Louisa County School Board made an appearance.

For the four candidates who were present, I began the forum by asking them what experiences made them qualified to run for office and what was their vision for improving Louisa, if elected. However, when I got into specific questions regarding how the local government should to deal with the local flooding, whether not the candidates supported the efforts to rename the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, and whether or not the candidates supported removing the Confederate statue in front of the Louisa Courthouse, candidates both Daniel Crawford and John Purcell IV refused to fully answer any of those questions and walked off the panel before I had a chance to ask the rest of my questions. Not only did those candidates walk off the panel, they openly challenged, me the moderator, for “daring” to ask them such “irrelevant questions”. Two other candidates, Ed Jarvis and Vicky Harte stayed until the end of the panel and answered all of the questions that were put forth by Louisa locals and the executive board of the Virginia Council.

Who should the people of Louisa elect, candidates who walk off the stage when the going gets tough, or ones who stick it through to the end?

You, the people, get to decide on November 8th, 2022.

Author's Note:

This article has been submitted as a "Letter to the Editor" to the newspaper "The Central Virginian".

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J R Joseph Ferguson
J R Joseph Ferguson
Nov 03, 2022

Again, who is editing/proofreading these articles?


Oct 19, 2022

Now that the CV knows that this screed is the product of a known political agitator, and that this forum was an astroturfed dog and pony show, it should be interesting to see if they print it verbatim, or with multiple disclaimers.

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