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The Sabotage Of Democratic Delegate Sally Hudson’s First “In Person” Townhall Meeting Of 2022

On March 6th, 2021, I had my campaign kickoff for the Virginia House of Delegates, on the steps of the historic Albemarle Courthouse, with three Republican candidates for Governor Sergio de la Peña, Merle Rutledge and Kurt Santini, Republican House of Delegates Candidates Maria Martin and Mike Dickinson, and Republican Delegate Glenn Davis. I had about 50 individuals in attendance and we were no socially distanced and we were not wearing masks, because we were projecting what freedom looks like in the middle of a pandemic.

However, Delegate Sally Hudson critsized me for hosting a maskless event, while stating that she will continue doing virtual only events, with her constituents, for the foreseeable future. Delegate Sally Hudson and I had two virtual debates, with the Charlottesville-Albemarle Chapter of the NAACP and the Senior Statesmen of Virginia, but we never met each other in person during the entire course of my House of Delegates campaign!

It was not until March 21st, 2022, four and a half months after Election Day, that I finally got to see my former campaign opponent, in person, at a townhall meeting that she was hosting. As I walked in with Jim Moore, the former Chair of the Jefferson Area Tea Party, one of Delegate Hudson’s staffers stated that “masks are required” for anyone entering the townhall. Jim Moore stated that he’s tired of wearing masks, that he hasn’t worn one for months, and that he won’t wear one today. Unfortunately, the lack of respect of “medical freedom” drove one of my supporters away and he did not make it inside of the townhall. Tahirah Elliott, John Gress, and I waited until the check in table was vacant to come into the townhall meeting maskless. I swiftly promoted up my sign, on my lap, that stated, “Socialist Delegate “Silly Sally” voted against Senate Bill 739 because she wanted to keep all of your children masked in public schools! Shame on Sally!” As I was holding up my sign, Delegate Sally Hudson spoke about how “horrible” Senate Bill 739 was, and that it tethers school boards from making a determination on imposing universal mask mandates during future waves of COVID-19 variants.

During the questions and answers session, Tahirah Elliott claimed that, as a woman of color, she was appalled by Delegate Sally Hudson’s and her supporters’ embracement of the tenants of “Critical Race Theory”, racial equity, and other poisonous ideologies in our public schools. The strongest point that Tahirah drove home was that for decades money has been thrown into the education system, but more money has gone into hiring a multitude of new administrators, which has taken away from investing into educational tools for students and into teachers directly. This misalinging of priorities in education has hurt minority students, particularly black students, who have not seen a significant improvement in their education even when more money is thrown at education. Tahirah and her husband both proudly homeschool their children so that their racically mixed children are given a proper education, something the existing public school institutions fail to provide for most black students.

As Tahirah Elliott walked out of the townhall, I stood up to continue speaking out against “Critical Race Theory”. Delegate Sally Hudson was furious that I was speaking out of turn and demanded that I “sit down in her classroom” until I raise my hand.

Let me state that again … Delegate Sally Hudson demanded that I, “sit down in her classroom”. This was a townhall meeting, not a classroom! But Delegate Hudson is so blinded by the academia world that she treats legislation, and the discussions around it, as an extension of academia.

Shortly after I was called on to ask my questions which entailed of:

  1. Will Delegate Sally Hudson acknowledge that Critical Race Theory is being taught in Charlottesville City and Albemarle County Schools?

  2. Considering that “Critical Race Theory” violates multiple federal level Civil Rights Acts will Delegate Sally Hudson condemn it’s teachings?

  3. Would Delegate Sally Hudson consider making masks optional for administers, contractors that work for public schools all other workers, and visitors in the future?

No surprise that Delegate Sally Hudson claimed that “Critical Race Theory” isn’t being taught at our local schools, when there is more and more evidence everyday of the tenants of those theories being pushed in the classrooms.

It was no surprise either when Delegate Sally Hudson’s supporters jeered me, as I spoke out against COVID-19 mandates, and demanded that I “follow the science”.

After I spoke, Lisa Custalow condemned the Charlottesville City Council for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on removing. Historical statues in 2021, instead of putting that money into education and fixing the local homelessness crisis. Shortly after, Delegate Sally Hudson condemned the “90 Day Gas Tax Holiday”, that has been proposed by Governor Glenn Youngkin, because she claimed that the tax reduction isn't guaranteed to provide savings to individuals at the pump. I eventually had enough of the nonsense and as I walked out with Lisa Custalow, I yelled out, “Reduce the gas tax!”

Sabotaging this townhall is indeed revenge for Delegate Sally Hudson’s vote for, a 2020 General Assembly Bill, which allows localities to remove historical statues, her continual support of the unending COVID-19 Tyranny, her support of divisive ideologies in schools, and much more.

Oh this is far from over, we will be back!

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