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NBC 29 News Doesn’t Want The Public To Know About Jack Jouett’s Legacy From The American Revolution

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Last year, while the Albemarle County School Board was considering different names for Jack Jouett Middle School, I spoke at one of the Jack Jouett Renaming Committees against the proposed name change.

I told the committee that Jack Jouett, which has an elementary school named after him in Louisa County, traveled from Louisa to Charlottesville to warn them Governor Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia General Assembly that the British army was on its way to Charlottesville to capture Jefferson and others.

If not for the actions of Jack Jouett, the Paul Revere of Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson could have been captured and executed by the British for drafting the “Declaration of Independence”. America would then have lost the many inventions that Jefferson made during his lifetime, his contribution to the Library of Congress, his act to abolish the importation of slaves into America during his term as President, the many buildings he designed, including the Rotundra at the University of Virginia, the Lovingston jail in Nelson County, and others, in addition to his many other contributions to society.

However, when you look at the NBC 29 article about the name change that news outlet only mentions that Jack Jouett was a slave owner and that having a school named after an individual who owned other people was contrary to the school’s policies. Clearly, NBC 29 news and other progressive outlets don’t want the public to know about Jack Jouett’s contribution to not just Virginia, but to America as a whole, during the American Revolution.

This is just one piece of the overall communist plot to place a wedge between the public and the legacies of our nation’s founding fathers.

Consider what then Vice President Richard Nixon wrote on August 21st, 1960,

“The Communist philosophy is basically inconsistent with the ideal of freedom because it denies that there can be any standard of moral truth by which the actions of any given social order may be judged. If the individual says to government, ‘Thus far may you go, but no farther,’ he necessarily appeals to some principle of rightness that stands above his particular form of government. It is precisely the possibility of any such standard that communism radically and uncompromisingly denies. Marx and Engels had nothing but sneers for the idea that there are ‘eternal truths, such as freedom, justice, etc., that are common to all states of society.’

They contend that there are no eternal truths. All ideas of right and wrong come from the social system under which one lives. If that system requires tyranny and oppression, then tyranny and oppression must within that system be accepted; there can be no higher court of appeal”.

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