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Kevin McCarthy Wins His Bid For Speaker Of The House On The 15th Ballot

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

On January 7th, 2023, at 12:30AM, Kevin McCarthy won his big for House Speaker on the 15th ballot. However, with this win many concessions, which greatly benifit the American people, were made:

1) Going back to pre-Pelosi rules that only 1 Congressman needed to make a motion to allow a vote for a new Speaker.

2) A guaranteed vote on term limits, which will be allowed for discussion and vote from the floor.

3) Republicans will now be able to adopt a budget resolution for a balanced budget in ten years.

4) The right to cap spending at 2022 levels through 2024.

5) The House may now reject any negotiations on spending with the Senate until the Senate passes its own spending bills.

6) The House will now be unable to raise the debt limit without spending cuts or other fiscal reform.

The House will set up a committee to investigate the weaponization of the government against US citizens.

7) Three members of the House Freedom Caucus will be serving in the Congressional Judiciary Committee.

8) Bills will be unable to be brought onto the floor without 72 hours to review the measures.

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