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Introducing Corey Fauconier As A Contributing Writer For “The Hamilton Press”

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

It was a decade ago when I founded the Caroline County Tea Party Patriots and when I served as the Treasurer for the Fredericksburg Area Tea Party Patriots. During rise of the Tea Party Patriots, under the Barack Hussein Obama Administration, I got to meet the political blogger Tom White who ran the online publication “Virginia Right”.

Sadly, Tom White had some health issues and passed on earlier this summer. My friend Corey Fauconier, who has been a writer for “Virginia Right” was able to attend Tom White’s funeral and has been in touch with his family.

“Virginia Right” is owned by the insurance company, that Tom White used to work for and, unfortunately, they have no desire to continue the publication.

However, with the end of every road arises a new oppurtunity. Last November, I began “The Hamilton Press” after losing my first bid for the Virginia House of Delegates, in the 57th District, against Democrat Sally Hudson. I envisioned having a blog where I could write articles about local, state and national level politics without the possibility of being censored by members of the “Big Tech” conglomerate.

While Corey Fauconier will not longer be writing for “Virginia Right”, I am happy to state that I am bringing him onboard as a contributing writer for “The Hamilton Press”.

Welcome aboard Corey Fauconier!

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