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Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin’s “State Of The Commonwealth” Address Of January 2023

On January 11th, 2023, during the opening day of the Virginia General Assembly, Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin delivered his "State of the Commonwealth" address. Governor Youngkin started his speech by emphasizing his budget amandments which call for multiple tax cuts for Virginians. With the national inflation, onset by the economically dismal policies of the Biden administration and the 116th and the 117th assemblies of the United States Congress, the governor is hoping to pass a budget with tax cuts.

A significant development, from the address, was Governor Youngkin's demand to have a bill passed that keeps Chinese companies, that are directly afflicted with the Chinese Communist Party, form purchasing farmland in the Commonwelath of Virginia. This is an issue, that has been ongoing for years, and it is time that we take action to stall the influence of the Chinese Communist Party over our argricultural industry.

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Jan 12, 2023

It's a little late to stop the Chinese. They own Smithfield and Virginia Smoke Cured hams that have nearly disappeared. They are buying up the entire world, not just America. On the other hand, Governor Yournkin's bread and a circus tax refund of the budget surplus is purely political. During the Northam administration, COVID may have kept office workers from showing up at government jobs, but there was no excuse for not keeping road crews, who worked in the open air, from maintaining the State highways and sending revenue sharing to the local communities so that they could maintain their roadways. This was not done, resulting in highways and roads that are not safe for the public today. Passing lanes pai…

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