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Episcopalian Bishop Wrongly Claims That There Are Four Pandemics At A Charlottesville Church Service

Earlier today I had the oppurtunity to visit the Christ Episcopal Church, the oldest standing church in Charlottesville, and to witness the confirmation of 41 individuals within its current membership.

I congratulate those who reaffirmed their Christian faith today and who were confirmed by the two bishops present. However, during this service the female bishop proclaimed that there is a:

Pandemic of COVID

Pandemic of Racism

Pandemic of Gun Violence

Pandemic of Misinformation

This political message was a deviation of the word of the Lord in support of leftist talking points. It’s been almost four years since the first COVID case in America and we no longer have a COVID-19 pandemic. In fact most emergency decorations have been revoked. A vast majority of Americans accept people of all races so we do not have a pandemic of racism.

We do have a rise of gun violence in Charlottesville, but advocating for more gun control is not the answer. In a response to the bishop, I wrote in the guest book that in order to reduce instances of gun violence we must pass “constitutional carry” and to eliminate all “gun free zones”.

On a final note, we do not have a pandemic of misinformation because it is the right of Americans to make statements that go against the mainstream. Tolerance means accepting other viewpoints and of course members of left, including those in church leadership, dismiss conservatives by calling our statements “misinformation”.

While I enjoyed the Tiffany stained glass, that was installed in this church in 1898, and the other stained glass that was installed afterwards, as well as the historical aspects of the Christ Episcopal Church, I would not recommend attending the services here that are advancing elements of the woke agenda.

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