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Calling On Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin To Take A Stand For History In Charlottesville

A year ago, I spoke at the Fredericksburg Tea Party’s Virginia Governor Candidate Forum that was hosted by Nick Ignacio, in front of over two hundred individuals, about my campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 57th District.

At the end of my speech, I had the opportunity to ask candidates Glenn Youngkin, Pete Snyder, Amanda Chase, Merle Rutledge and Kurt Santini if they would support a law mandating that the state of Virginia sue any city, town or county level government which removes a historical statue or monument within their jurisdiction. All of the candidates, including Glenn Youngkin, stated that they would support such a law.

Between February 2021 and September 2021, candidate Glenn Youngkin had a change of heart, which led him to announce during his second debate with former Governor Terry McAuliffe, that he supported the removal of the General Robert Edward Lee statue in Richmond, in full contradiction of his statement in February 2021.

As many of you are aware, I voted for another Republican, instead of Glenn Youngkin, for Governor as a result of his change of heart as a “protest vote”. Did I still want Youngkin to beat Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe and the Libertation Party governor candidate Princess Blanding? Absolutely. That is why I still gave out Youngkin’s campaign literature door to door, and encouraged others to vote for Youngkin, even after I casted my protest vote.

Since being sworn in as Governor I have agreed with 99 percent of Glenn Youngkin’s decisions. Governor Youngkin has faught to make masks optional in public schools, to have the corrupt parole board reformed, he has worked to lower the grocery tax, he has worked to have Russian products to be removed form ABC stores and to dissuade local governments from having sister city relationships with Russian cities and much more.

However, Virginia is the home to many people, such as myself, who have deep ties to those who fought in the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War and other conflicts who want to see Republicans take more action on preserving our history. We’ve seen the removal of historical statues and monuments in Charlottesville, Richmond and in many other localities in the state. The City of Charlottesville took the most agregious action when it voted to have the local General Robert Edward Lee statute donated to the Jefferson School, for the purpose of melting it down, in violation of existing state law.

The Monument Fund has been fighting a lawsuit regarding a “bid challenge” because the Charlottesville City Council ignored two entities in Louisa County and in Southwestern, Virginia which were offering money for the statue that is slated to be melted down.

I call on folks to encourage Governor Glenn Youngkin to have Attorney General Jason Miyares interviene and to stop the melting down of a historical statue in Virginia. You may know someone who supports the removal of Confederate monuments, but if they also support the rule of law, then they should support measures to prevent these artifacts from being destroyed.

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