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Black Lives Matter Is Absolutely Wrong On Foreign Policy - Yet Again …

This is more nonsense from leadership of Black Lives Matter and it shows that members of that “Marxist/Communist” movement are either ignorant of past civil rights cases during wartime or are willingly choosing to leave those details out.

When I lived in the Bay Area of California, I visited the “Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial”, the site of the largest domestic disaster during World War II. Many of the white Naval officers hosted competitions with majority black enlisted officers who loaded munitions onto ships that were going to fight in the various islands off of Japan, the Philippines, and other Asian counties. The units that loaded the muitions the fastest were rewarded while the slowest units were punished. What did this do? Well, safety guidelines were curtailed and one unit loaded a bomb incorrectly which resulted in a massive explosion, on July 17th, 1944, which killed over 300 of our military servicemen.

This turned into a civil rights case when 258 black enlisted sailors refused to go back to work due to the dangerous conditions. Part of their reasoning was because after the Port Chicago explosion, the competition for loading ships did not end and those individuals did not want to live through a second potential explosion. Under the threat of mutiny charges many of those in group decided to go back to work at Port Chicago. However, about 50 of those who continued their resistance were charged with mutiny and were subject to the Military Code of Justice.

To this day this was a lesson is disparate treatment between whites and blacks in the military and this case went out while we were fighting the Japanese Empire and the Nazi forces overseas.

The leaders of Black Lives Matter fail to understand the lessons of our history and that we can continue to strive for a racial justice, even during wartime.

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