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America Under President Joseph Robinette Biden, Junior - Year 1

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Today marks one year since President Joseph RobiBette Biden, Junior was inaugurated, in front of the United States Capital, and America has indeed fundamentally changed in this past year. Our country is facing inflation that we have not seen since Jimmy Carter’s administration. Various grocery store, and other retailer shelves, are near empty due to supply chain issues. Across the county, a multitude of small businesses have shut down permanently, not for a shortage of customers, but rather due a shortage of employees.

Last year, President Biden stated that he would “shut down” the COVID-19 virus. Instead, COVID-19 Pandemic has gotten worse with more total infections and hundreds of thousands of more deaths under on year of President Biden then there was in the last year of President Donald John Trump’s administration. The Biden administration has been forcing unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates which not stopped the spread of COVID-19. History will not look kindly on the Biden Adminsitraiton, as they infringed on the freedoms of Americans while focusing on exprimental mRNA injections , instead of focusing on treatments such as Ivermectin, which have been utilized since 1987.

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