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Amendment To Remove Bert Ellis From The UVA Board Of Visitors Fails In The Virginia Senate

Ever since Bert Ellis, the CEO and Chairman of Ellis Capital, removed a vulgar statement, from a dorm that stated "Fuck UVA", the knives have been out for his removal from the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors. Jim Bacon, the current director of the Jefferson Council who created the publication "Bacon's Rebellion" wrote a peice about about the left has vilified Bert Ellis.

On Febuary 7th, 2023, Senator Creigh Deeds, who is running for re-election in the new 11th Senate District, gave a speech in support of an amendment that would have removed Bert Ellis from The University of Virginia's Board of Visitors. There were 20 votes for removal and 20 votes against the removal. Per Virginia Senate rules, the amendment failed with no majority.

I offer my congratulations to Bert Ellis, who has successfully defeated the "cancel culture" movement in Virginia by remaining in his seat, and I look forward to seeing him at future University of Virginia Board of Visitors meetings.

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