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A Must Watch Documentary For Conservatives - “Whose Children Are They?”

Earlier today, I went with Flint Engleman, with Americans for Prosperity, Caroll Jordan Hatcher, with the Women for the American Consitution, Craig Scott, the Vice-Chair of the Waynesboro GOP, and many other patriots to see the documentary, “Whose Children Are They?”

This film touches on various subjects such as:

- The implementation of “Critical Race Theory” in every aspect of curriculum, including mathematics through the formation of “Ethnomathematics”.

- Lurid “Sex Education” for 10 year olds.

- The implementation of “Gender Theories” in public schools which are hidden from parents.

- Children who were effected by the lack of “School Choice”

- The communist infiltration into our education system.

- The heavy hand of the National Federation of Teachers Unions, and that their chapters, regarding education.

- The overall 75 percent increase of administrators in public schools, while the amount of teachers in schools have been cut by 2 percent.

- The psychological impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on children and the increase in suicide rates.

We truly do need a federal law banning “Critical Race Theory”. But we also need a federal law which mandates transparency in education, so that parents can see all of their children’s curriculum online.

In addition to watching this insightful documentary, I recommend reading the book, “The Worm In The Apple”.

The more you arm yourself with knowledge the less likely the radical progressives can continue to indoctrinate our children. Be the agent of change to counter this madness in our schools.

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