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12/7/2021 - The Charlottesville City Council Votes To Have A Historical Work Of Art Destroyed

On the 80th Anniversity of Pearl Harbor, the City Charlottesville City Council committed yet another attack on Virginia Heritage by voting unanimously to donate the General Robert Edward Lee Statue to the Jefferson School, an institution that plans to melt the statue down in violation of the law the Virginia General Assembly passed in 2020 which allows for the relocation of historical monuments for the purpose of continued preservation, not their destruction.

“The Swords into Plowshares” program is one in which the Jefferson School plans to melt down the General Lee Statute into a new work fo art, which would be donated back to the City of Charlottesville once it’s completed in 2026. Organizarions, such as the University of Virginia’s Memory Project, which promoted books such as “Black Marxism” during its “Down With The Confederacy” webinars have pledged to donate to this project.

My opponent Democrat Delegate Sally Hudson has also pledged support for this program, one which is in direct violation of monument and statue removal law that she voted for in 2020.

Meanwhile in the city of Richmond, Governor Ralph Northam has sent construction equipment to the site of the the General Lee pedestal to execute his plan to have the entire base of the pedestal removed before Governor Glenn Allen Youngkin is sworn in.

The actions of Mayor Nikuyah Walker, along with the rest of the the Charlottesville City Council, in conjunction with those of Governor Northam, are part of the backlash against Virignia‘a historic “red wave“ in 2021. The Marxist Mayor Walker and the Socialist Virginia Governor know they won’t have the ability to erase history come January 2022, so their actions in the month of December are their last gasp before losing power.

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