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Moses Jacob Ezekiel Was A Jewish Veteran - A Pesky Detail For Those Who Want His Artwork Destroyed

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Since the unfolding of events in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, the "Cultural Marxists" have been working diligently to have works of art dedicated to veterans who faught in the Revolutioanry War, the War of 1812, the United States Civil War, and many other conflicts removed from the public sphere. Many of these radicals claim they are doing this to "end white supremacy" by removing monuments and statues that are dedicated to white men for the purpose of lifting up minorities. The great irony is, many of these "Cultural Marxists" arn't proposing statues of minority men or women to take their place. Well that's because many in their ranks hate America and they don't want veterans, of any color or race, to be in the public sphere.

I, myself, am a resident of Charlottesville and I've been dating a Jewish woman, that I met in California, since 2019. Many of the neo-Nazis who hijacked the "Unite the Right" event, to defend the General Robert Edward Lee and the General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson statues from removal, did indeed spread hate with their anti-Semitic chants, which I have condemned. But this fringe group, many of whom were from other states other than Virginia just as their Antifa counter-protestors were, supported historical preservation for the wrong reasons, much as those who opposed them supported removal of the statues for the wrong reasons. Many other Virginia historians, Sons of Confederate Veterans members, Virginia Flaggers, Republicans, and yes even some Democrats like Fairfax Senator Chap Peterson, who represented the Bill Run Civil War Round Table in their lawsuits against the removal of the Capitain John Quincy Marr Monument in front of the Fairfax Courthouse, support keeping these Confederate monuments because they honor those many Virginians who died during the war and it teaches fifties generations about their sacrifices.

The social justice warriors claim to be both anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist, but that doesn't mean that they are pro-Jewish. Many on their side support Palestine over Isreal, and it is no surprise that many progressives protested against Isreal, during its latest war against Hamas in 2021, while claiming that the Isreali government is "evil" for defending it's people from a relentless barrage of missiles, that was partially funded by anti-Semitic factions of the Iranian government.

With all of the progressive resentment towards Isreal, it should come to no surprise, that they progressives wish to remove the grandest peice of art that Moses Jacob Ezekiel, the first Jewish Cadet of the Virginia Military Insitute who was a Confederate veteran at the Battle of New Market, created for the Arlington National Cemetery. In fact, on June 4th, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson showed up to speak at the dedication for the monument that Moses Jacob Ezekiel created. However, Sumiko Newman, a professor at Hamilton College, refuse to mention that the Arlington Confederate Monument was created by a Jewish man and simply state that the work of art is a "pro-slavery monument" to demonize it and to "prime the public" for its removal.

Today is Rosh Hashanah, which is the start of the Jewish New Year. If you feel compelled to take a stand to start the new year by defending a Jewish work of art, write your member of Congress to tell them to go on the record for saying "NO" to this removal!

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