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During Vivek Ramaswamy‘s First Visit To Mar-A-Lago Organizers Of W&L’s Mock Con 2024 Predict Congresswoman Elise Stephanik Will Be Donald Trump’s VP Pick

Updated: Feb 11

This weekend I had the opportunity to witness firsthand Donald Trump’s video appearance at Washington and Lee University’s Mock Con 2024 shortly after the organizers predicted that our 45th President would get the Republican nomination over former United Nations ambassador Nikky Hailey.  With Colorado and Maine’s efforts to remove Donald Trump from the ballot and the 91 criminal indictments placed against him, many independents who were not previously in the Trump camp have come out defending him.  These independents do not agree with the people’s right to vote for a candidate of their choice should be taken away from them.

In addition, polling shows that Donald Trump is more popular as a candidate than he was in both 2016 and in 2020, making it very clear that he will be the Republican nominee.   However, the organizers of Mock Con predicted that New York Congresswoman Elise Stephanik, who first ran as a moderate and legislated as a conservative once elected, would be chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate.

During the fourth, and last evening of Mock Con 2024, former Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who is just two years older than I, joined Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago before his scheduled rally in Conway, South Carolina.  Before dropping out of the presidential race, Vivek Ramaswamy defended Donald Trump and his legacy more furiously than any other Republican challenger.  Vivek has proven to be sharp, impassioned and articulate in describing his isolationist and limited government positions on the Tim Pool Daily Show, the Joe Rogan Show, Bill Maher’s Club Random and on a multitude of other talk programs.

While Elise Stephanik made her first appearance on the national stage during the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Flordia her national recognition is just a mere glimmer to the younger star that Vivek Ramaswamy has become.  For these reasons, and more, I believe Donald Trump will be choosing one of his former Republican challengers as his running mate.

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