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18 U.S. Senate Republicans Betray Conservatives By Voting For The Massive $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill

On December 22nd, 2022, 18 Senate Republicans, including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, betrayed the conservative base of the GOP by voting to move forward the massive $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill, which does nothing to advance the conservative agenda. Here is the list of the 18 Republicans who failed to take a stand for financial sanity in America:

Roy Blunt (Missouri)

John Boozman (Arkansas)

Shelley Capito (West Virginia)

Susan Collins (Maine)

John Cornyn (Texas)

Tom Cotton (Arkansas)

Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)

Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma)

Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)

Jerry Moran (Kansas)

Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

Rob Portman (Ohio)

Mitt Romney (Utah)

Mike Rounds (South Dakota)

Richard Shelby (Alabama)

John Thune (South Dakota)

Roger Wicker (Mississippi)

Todd Young (Indiana)

Rand Paul, another Republican Senator from Kentucky, took a very different direction from the minority leader. While his effort to convince his Republican colleagues to vote against the massive budget bill failed, he and the other Republicans who voted no rightfully called this "$1.7 trillion of hazardous debt" a threat to national security.

Under the administration of President George Walker Bush, Junior $5.85 trillion was added to national debt. Under President Barack Hussein Obama an additional $8.6 trillion was added to the national debt. Under the administration of President Donald Trump, the spending spree slowed down with $6.7 being added to the national debt, but under the administration of President Biden it has accelerated yet again, to unsustainable levels.

Hopefully the Republican majority in the House of Represenatives can help put an end to the reign of Republican "fiscal irresponsibility" in the United States Senate. But that remains to be seen in 2023 ...

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